SNVInfo at SourceForge
SVNInfo was created to provide a simple way for users to get detailed information from their subversion repositories without alot of installation hassle. Many existing solutions are built upon layers of other solutions making installation complex and difficult to customize.

SVNInfo is really just two separate pieces of code. One, the svn_loader, is cron'd to run and update the database with changes from the repositories. The database does not contain any code, just statistical information and log entries for the repositories. The other piece consists of all of the web pages. These pages either query the database and/or the repository directly to provide information.

Having said that, these are the minimum requirements for running SVNInfo:

PHP5Everything is written in PHP
SubversionThe Apache/PHP implementation "currently" must have file access to the repository.
PHP-GDThis is the PHP graphics library so we can draw pretty graphs.
PHP-PECL-PDO-SQLITEWe are using PECL-PDO to access the database. Currently we support SQLite, this will be followed quickly by PostgreSQL and others.

Missing Functionality
This is a very alpha version. We have not added a user management piece so anyone with access to the web server will be able to see statistics on all of the defined repositories.
There is no admin interface at the moment. Repositories are defined through a single SQL insert into the database. This will go away with the admin interface.

To do.